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lazy co worker

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Things you should never say or do at work? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #Bmore


Rashawn Thompson Discuss politics or religion

Kevin Boardley Your personal information or business.

7.20cancer Argue and fight with anyone @drejohnson1

aweeshitshae Date your co worker , it can definitely cause issues @drejohnson1

ek4real Steal ppl’s lunch lol #EARLY a no-no

jpjp1983 Mess with people food man.

mylifemypicz Never think your boss Is your friend. It’s all business.

tonemalone844 Talk about religion or politics

mrpresident14 Ask if someone is pregnant!

fightbrandonfight Brag about how you played hooky from work after calling out sick on Facebook and you have your boss as a friend….

jdravensfan Complaining in front of Customers or” Keeping it Real ” language

alliiiizonme Sit at your desk and crunch ice in a professional office setting

whthershey209 Complain about ur job

chase_g_mom Keep talking bout the pay I’d not enough , didn’t you no the pay rate from the interview. Ppl stop please

forever_tre20 Gossip & complain! Be grateful for what you have until you can do better 😎

eboni_vs_ebo Avoid water cooler gossip!

pchez1110 Sing DMX “yall gone make me lose my mind,” lol

jdravensfan @drejohnson1 thanks for the shout out! You’re awesome!

blizz40 Cook on the George Forman grill under your desk.. yep!



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