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Actress Felicia Pearson In Baltimore Maryland

I lived in Pittsburgh when the HBO Series of The Wire was one of the most talked about television drama show hit the scene. And like everyone else in the world, I was hooked!

Although I couldn’t relate to any of the characters, it felt like I was and I couldn’t get enough of it. Every week, I was glued to the TV, preparing myself for a shocker! It delivered!

The show was based in Baltimore City, Maryland (if you didn’t know) and every detail was depicted through the eyes of creator David Simon; a DC native and former writer for The Baltimore Sun.

I couldn’t even tell you which season was my favorite because I loved them all! The Wire was definitely the best cable network series that sits at the top of my list. I’m glad I watched it because it prepared me for my move to Baltimore. I knew what to look out for!




If it wasn’t the vacant houses, the general references to the lifestyle or the thick accent, you would think The Wire was about your city.

Baltimore should be proud to call The Wire theirs and for that, I celebrate The Wire as a tribute to Baltimore during Black History Month.


Here’s one of my favorite scenes from The Wire with Snoop & Chris discussing the set up in finding a New York hustler by asking about 92Q:





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