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Mount Auburn Cemetery is a historic African American cemetery and national historic district in Baltimore, Maryland,United States.[2] 

One of the most historic and largest African American cemeteries in Baltimore, Mt. Auburn Cemetery was formed in 1872, by the Reverend James Peck in protest to segregation against the White Methodist Church. 

Designated on the local and national historic registers, the cemetery was once known as “The City of the Dead for Colored People” since it was the only place a person of color could be buried.

Mt. Auburn Cemetery holds the remains of some of Baltimore’s and the nation’s “movers and shakers” of the local civil rights movement. In addition to runaway slaves, the cemetery contains the remains ; the first African American ship chandler; clergymen; the first female funeral home director, Civil War and Civil Rights activists, lawyers, doctors, teachers, military veterans, founders of national fraternities’ and sororities’ and the ancestors of thousands of African-American families.