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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Who are some of your Black History hero’s? Cornell Willis Kyle Harrison– professional lacrosse player Marques Dent My father. He served in the army, went to Morgan state and became a mentor for black males. He wore his suit and tie everyday and showed myself and my brother and sister what a real […]

The Afro is the oldest and black owned family newspaper business in America! The newspaper is published weekly right here in Baltimore Maryland. We make history everyday in all arena’s so we need to support and recognize these businesses.   Read More: Afro Follow Me On Instagram @Konan92Q Follow Me On Twitter @Konan92Q   I […]

We are celebrating Black History this month and today, I am honoring a woman who is not from Baltimore but from another urban city and has encountered many obstacles and challenges that many of our women today face. I AM BALTIMORE BLACK HISTORY Dr. Elaine Richardson (or Dr. “E”) is the voice for women of […]

Although I didn’t grow up in Baltimore, I have grown to appreciate the traditions and the legacies that make up this great city. From the skyline to the people, Baltimore is enriched with culture, charm ( in some places) and history. One Baltimore legacy in particular that I’ve grown to respect is Baltimore’s Mother Theresa, Bea […]

Image & Info – Wikipedia – Click for Full Profile Mount Auburn Cemetery is a historic African American cemetery and national historic district in Baltimore, Maryland,United States.[2]  One of the most historic and largest African American cemeteries in Baltimore, Mt. Auburn Cemetery was formed in 1872, by the Reverend James Peck in protest to segregation […]

Our people have created so much HISTORY that we don’t get credit for, so I just want to share some things you might not know.  In Maryland Black History is so RICH one month won’t do it but I will try to help you out.  Just 23 reasons to hit the link below!   See […]