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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Did you watch #RHOA last night? Who do you think won the read Nene or Claudia? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #Monday



Makia Hopewell-Henriques Claudia #teamclaudia

Joequita Green Definitely Claudia.

Patricia Ray Yes Claudia won that battle bit wait til NeNe see them hammer toes! Lawd!

rich homie quan ‏@quan_Bfac_smith @DreJohnson1 team Claudia only because she apart of the @92QJamsBmore morning show lol

one_n_a_million211 Def Claudia!!! She let NeNe have it, as she should of!!!!

cocoabutta_82 Team NeNe @drejohnson1

chase_g_mom #TeamClaudia it’s about time somebody stood up to NeNe cause she thinks its all about her.Notttttt

gpc_life Claudia killed it! You can’t read someone if you get loud.

piggieboo_ Nene… Claudia sounded like she been practicing those lines.

ah2lisa I’m just saying are we going ever see Roger Bob again @drejohnson1

jessicamariemua Nene!!!!

shontay36 Claudia feet

melissrenee Claudia practiced those lines in the mirror before they sat down for dinner, so lame #teamNene

zaypaige All Nene can say was she use to be a hoe….. Claudia went in on her like a comedian and yes I did watch it lol

the_resume_king Claudia got crushed. Started strong but the line of the night. “your clit has left the building”

Sexy Lexi ‏@LeXi_BaBy86 @DreJohnson1 obviously @claudiajordan won I mean she shut @NeNeLeakes down no question about it #betshewontdoitaga


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