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Baltimore Ravens v Dallas Cowboys

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Besides ‪#‎Baltimore‬, what ‪#‎NFL‬ team do you think will sign ‪#‎RayRice‬? ‪#‎92qjams‬ ‪#‎bmore‬ ‪#‎maryland‬ ‪#‎tuesday‬ #2014

Joucelyn B. ‏@PrettySouthrn99 I think the Steelers would do it just to pick at the Ravens lol @DreJohnson1

Kippy McLovin ‏@Tuned_In2Me @DreJohnson1 I heard the Saints and The Colts were interested. I just hope someone picks him up. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance.

Drea ‏@MissypooBrown @DreJohnson1 I heard the #Bengals I just hope someone gives him a chance.Good luck #RayRice

Deborah House Colts Dallas redskims

Baltimore Rayven Pittsburgh

Patricia Ray Any team but the sqeelers…

DoctorRell Illustrious-Bailey As messed up as this may sound. I want him to be the one that crushes our playoff dreams. So that could be any team we have left on our schedule or during the playoffs

chase_g_mom If I was him I wouldn’t even want to go back with the ravens cause they turnt their backs on him. Steelers tho

dcott10 Well the Ravens don’t need him because Forsett is having a phenomenal season and Steve Bisciotti already said the ravens wouldn’t resign him. But he won’t be signed this year. Too late in the season. @drejohnson1

babygirl7275 I’m not sure but he does deserve a second chance. He’s not the 1st NFL player that’s been in trouble & they’re still playing. Pray 4 him instead of judging him.

hollywooddre2500 #BALTIMORE of course but any team that wants to WIN. #RAVENSNATION

divah40 Colts, steelers…..wish Bmore Ravens but that wishing too hard♡

positivelyloud #Steelers

itsmonique Probably nobody this season but I wouldn’t be surprised if The Saints or Colts thought about it

krazy_kris_12 Probably the Jaguars

djbunk1058 @drejohnson1 GM Dre, I think think it mite be the the Jets or Jaguars

iamajguy #Texans

kymani_puda_dad Colts

sinsational_cakes_shia Gm @drejohnson1 I’m thinking the Steelers since they are the Raven’s all time rivalries…

prettyteefus @krazy_kris_12 The Jags called, they said “naw, we aaaaite”

ms_ladydrummond RAIDERS LOL.!!!!

almondjoy_44 Steelers

almondjoy_44 But I think the Colts will just because

hislover_hisbestfriend I would like to see him on the steelers #steelersnation

hislover_hisbestfriend Im just glad to see that the system worked for him now the Ravens need to reach settlement and give that man his money because they were wrong to cut him in the 1st place..

living_lovin13 Jacksonville need to be on it shux! But us true fans in baltimore still love Ray! No matter

living_lovin13 @ms_ladydrummond I’m with u looking from business and money… Oakland and Jacksonville need a dam


Baltimore Police Phone Tapping Cell Phones


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