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Thanksgiving Drive Kiki_06

I’m always up for a challenge, but this particular challenge was one that I wouldn’t want to do again for a while because I’m still thawing out!

All jokes aside, it was my pleasure to represent Team Ki Ki for the Great Thanksgiving Food Drive Challenge. I’m glad we all were asked to accept the challenge to help Baltimore families and the Maryland Food Bank. Shouts to Animal House (Pork & Squirrel), The Ko Show, and Dre Johnson! Of course, the MOST COMPETITIVE team raised the most (The Ko Show raised over 1500 lbs of food). Regardless of who raised the most, the point of the matter is, a family can feel good about their next meal.

Thanks to YOU for EVERYTHING! (real talk)

Here’s what we collected:


If you have a family in need or are a family in need, contact the Maryland Food Bank for assistance.


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Radio One’s Great Thanksgiving Food Drive Challenge 2014
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