It was age old question night!

Is it true?

Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater

  • That’s not necessarily true?! All situations and relationships are different; and people have the innate ability to change, if they so choose?!
  • I think it depends on the maturity of the person mind. Personally I will not accept it. Once you cheat its over and no sec chances from me.
  • I believe so LaDawn Black because if that same thought was there before its gonna come again…. Temptation is truly a you know what and if the person believes they can get away with it again they will try!
  • Unsung Cruise
  • People don’t really change. I firmly believe that. It takes something ASTRONOMICAL like a religious awakening, remission from a debilitating illness or long incarceration.
  • If the relationship/commitment has an extreme bond, cheating and like behavior will cease.
  • Nooo. People can learn from a situation where they were unfaithful. Circumstances around cheating can alter whether they do it again. Have they matured, do they know what they want, are they happy, etc.
  • Some People Can Change, I Believe Everything You Do Is A Choice And That You Have The Ability To Change…This I Believe Is A Very Unique Question That Has Many Answers To It Depending On The Person, Situation Or Relationship That Is At Play…


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