Talk Show Host  and Actress Ricki Lake filed for divorce from her husband because he wanted an “open marriage” in order to fix their marriage.

Would you say yes to an open marriage to save your marriage?

  • I would if it would make my wife stay. I would hate it, but make the sacrifice to keep the marriage together.
  • No…. that’s not why God created marriage
  • No because there is too much to lose there are to many diseases out plus i would want my man to myself
  • I might if it went both ways but i think you asking for trouble
  • NO MA’AM! For me, marriage is ABOUT our UNION! If you bring someone else into that union, I feel , you may lose something so special that the two of you share and have built together.
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  • It has to be open from the very beginning. Men have to understand that the premise of monogamy works both ways.
  • Why be married then? If both parties are in a relationship and decide to have an open one then that’s on them. Why add being married to the mix.
  • I just think that is the most disrespectful thing…. I would not agree to that. My heart mind, body and soul would crumble…

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