For me the most disturbing thing to come out of this disastrous Ray Rice situation is the way women have chosen to breakdown another woman.  We don’t know Janay Palmer personally or even really what is going on with the couple outside of a short video. However, women seem to be going in on Janay a way that is almost … malicious.

So I thought I would ask the question, does a sisterhood even exist?

  • I’m Blessed that I have great women in my life that I can say are my sistas and friends..The sad part is I don’t
    Unsung Cruise

    believe that all women can say that. It is incredibly sad to hear another woman say “I don’t mess with females.”

  • From a male’s perspective, I think it is dwindling away. “Love” has died slowly in so many different areas.
  • There are still women who value friendships and loyalty. Sadly, however, there are some women will compromise that for love. Desperate people are driven to do desperate things, but don’t let that ruin your hope for womankind
  • Sad to say, women can’t talk without the other women judging them no matter if you are in a good relationship or bad… Some women, if they don’t have a man, just show plan hate .. So you can’t talk to that person … Other women judge… So you can’t talk to that person
  • I am sad to report that my experiences is sisterhood is a thing if the past. I sought it out. I tried to give it a venue to breath and grow…..I don’t think there is fertilizer strong enough to overcome insecurity and jealousy. It’s so so so sad
  • We are so fractured its ridiculous


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