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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Are you more motivated to shop during #MARYLAND Tax-Free Week? #92qjams #baltimore #bmore #tuesday


Tyronda Smith Gdm dre. Yes I am.. its the perfect time to school shop. Countdown til school starts lol

1sickcharger yup lol getting al the school clothes and supplies lol #early gm bro

parris_princess  Tax Free or not MAC Here I Come! This Face Gonna Get Beat!!! 💄 #Early Gave A Great Day Dre

_royaltloyalt87_  Absolutely @drejohnson1 I need my coins! I’m a single parent so any little bit of money I can save on buying my children’s clothes is a big help.

the_resume_king  How come it’s for clothes and not the supplies. Shouldn’t it be for the supplies also?? #gottolovethegovernment

living_lovin13 GM @drejohnson1  yes and no bcaz it’s not on everything and u would have to do multiple purchases totaling $100 or less which is a lil annoying.

soon_tobe_mrs_lawson I love tax free week I felt like I was getting over on then yesterday it feels good to know you save some money lol

davonjones906 Gm Dre.. I’m not excited but my always looking for a killer sale,.. she happy,I’m

mrflan @drejohnson1 Already! This no tax week provides a little breathing room for individuals who consistently boosts the economy by supporting merchants and high sales tax! Old Navy Tees here I come!

lastofadieingbreed69 I’m more motivated to shop for me because my son always comes first so he usually has everything before tax free week.


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