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Dre’s breakfastbite.. What are your thoughts on child immigration and Maryland being one of the destinations? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #Tuesday

 Keisha Henson I have nothing against those who want to come here to make a better way for their families, and my only issue is those that come here just to make legal babies and collect welfare with no hopes of working for it. ESP when it’s so many people rt here that needs the help and are willing.

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden It’s crazy! While I understand that they are children but shit, so did the parents that sent them. We have no where to house our own homeless men women and children but you have a place to put these illegal immigrants?!? This country is all the way screwed up!

Patricia Ma Ma Bush-Johnson gm dre I was waiting for this question. there is a process to be an American legally and those who do not follow that process should be sent back. that’s the law. follow it. the kids that are here without their parents should be sent back to their parents. we have our own issues and Maryland is the state where they can get it all. medical food stamps drivers license housing school tuition when people who live and work here all their lives are being denied! something is wrong with this picture!

Delores Millerbland  We need to think about our own first and than think obout others children.

Ijon Stewart ‏@ComedianIJ  Whats the difference in illegal immigrant coming here to have a baby l, collect a check and not work? Citizens do it now. Both dont pay taxes or work. Our county was founded on illegal immigrants.

whthershey209 I don’t understand how we can help so many foreigners but treat our own people terrible. All the money being spent could go to helping our own

1sickcharger @drejohnson1 keep dem ninjas over there where they are from we need to work on and worry about us 1st i know it sounds harsh but thats reality #early gm bro lol

1thyme4theday Land of da free, let them accommodate them, they’re kidz, it t8kz a village… How big of threat R they than da people who already live here

lil_dannymommy GM….They are children why deprive them of there freedom& education & a good life, everyone deserves a chance to make it.

djbunk_1058 The city have enough immigrants in it, so why bring more to this small city, also Baltimore’s legal Americas can’t find jobs already because of illegal immigrants right, I say send them back!

superwomanintraining26 @drejohnson1 honestly it’s sad that so many children around the world need help, BUT at the same time, imagine the overpopulation that’s going to happen, potential sex trafficking, more homlessness, and possible diseases. We have like a billion problems with OUR youth over here as it is. You can’t try to fix their lives with our lives already sh**ty

tatmylife Let em live. Read up on what’s happening in foreign countries. In El Salvador and Mexico they have people making eight dollars a week and having to pay half of that just to stay alive. The gangs are taking over. Let them come. Or they might end up murdered!

davonjones906 Gm Dre.. I’m not against immigration in any way, this country was built on immigrants backs.. However, there should come a time when this country begins to focus on the issues already present… Homelessness, Education, Unemployment, The National Debt, I could go on… Money goes to everything and everywhere except were it’s suppose to go….

isaiahrw This is great

clint_trustmyself31 Child immigration that’s tricky predicament if you say send them back let’s be honest that ain’t cool if you say let them stay it’s like saying break the law it’s ok … No win … But we all immigrants in some sort

prettybrowneyes204 😩 we have children over here In the USA that need help too, there goes the money we done have smh.

drelocs_ Can we take care of the people in need here first. I’m not against helping people but I think we have enough people over in struggling.










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