T.I. and Tiny are undeniably one of my favorite celebrity couples but it’s no secret they have made their recent marital issues very public.  Much speculation has been surrounded with rumors of infidelity on both sides. Who knows what is true and what is fiction? It’s not even our business but inquiring minds want to know. Let’s just keep it 100.

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Did Tiny Just Break Up With T.I.? [AUDIO]

T.I.’s daughter Deyjah posted a pic on IG of an adorable baby, pictured above. It could be her Mom’s child or another family member, maybe even a family friend. The kid pictured is named Kingston. Coincidence or naw? T.I. is known as the King Of The South. He also has a son they call King. It’s a lot of royalty in this blended family. This could be a stretch. Your thoughts?

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