Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Name 3 things that could change Baltimore for the better? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #FRIDAY

Vonnie Fatz Long 1. A better Governor

2. A better Mayor

3. People helping and being more of an assistance to each other. We have to do it to together to see a change…

Kenneth Taylor More jobs less jails: Better resources for families and kids And get rid of the 60 is passing rule…See More

Chanita A. Williams 1. Less crimes. I really want to say NO crimes, but that’s impossible. 2.More jobs.

3. The homeless ppl have a roof over their heads, and food n their stomachs.

larri alston ‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Pray 4 city that family unit will b restored*Parents r responsible 4 raising their children 2 b productive members of society:)

BIDZ ‏@WOah_MACK @DreJohnson1 would be a revamped school system, renovated recs And the legalization of Mary Jane. U know for the extra revenue and all that

Blueheffner4ever ‏@Blueheffner_75 @DreJohnson1 damn I forgot ms jones. Lol

Norman ‏@afrosamurai3797 @DreJohnson1 the City will only be as good or bad as the police allow it to be.

Free Jackson ‏@MsFreeza @DreJohnson1 good morning babe happy Friday

Dynamic511 ‏@dynamic511 @DreJohnson1 a new mayor, more money, and a new mayor.

pompousninja ‏@pompousninja @DreJohnson1 less violence more Rec centers for our youth and ppl taking pride in cleaning their communities like we did growing up

kdh_26An NBA team, the legalization of Marijuana , stricter gun laws

there_goes_nunu Skools , job oppt, and housing bmore would be a wayyy better place ijs SEE U TANIGHT NORTHWOOD LOUNGE ! 💯@drejohnson1 gm btw

rashawn85 Better school syetems ,lower crime rate, more jobs

premium_vision Exposing kids to more things other than the streets. We need more programs to show kids its whole other world out here not just our hoods.

davidsegure19 Your community activities for the kids, more jobs, more secured neighborhood. @drejohnson1

premium_vision Schools and programs to teach them about credit early

tweetacruz Better government, better schools, more quality jobs with higher wages!

corey1ravens52 Legalize weed… Programs in the prisons… Fix the legal system


drug_smuggler Less thots!

djbunk1058_wb@drejohnson1 GM Dre, well Lexington market, get a police more involved with the community’s & the youth

premium_vision Definitely @tweetacruz

signature_tez More rec centers for the youth to play sports instead of running the streets

msbhaven76@peachy_tyrice YASSSSS! can’t stand Steph

pebblesthetruth Change the mayor and city council, change the police department and have more jobs available for those that really want to work. @drejohnson1

imperfectlyphoenix A better educational system, an outlet for these kids and teenagers to mingle have fun, not hanging on the corner learning the drug trade and killing each other, this city is set up more to planet seeds for more killers and drug dealers to be produced. But they said the wire did not depict what Baltimore really is, bs. Also we need a better job market, these parents killing themselves working twenty million jobs and aren’t able to devote a good amount of time to their kids that this city is raising. And we just need to get rid of all the top officials that think they are making this city better when it’s just getting run in the hole financially and living. Keep building on tourist attractions when the city’s population is struggling to get to the next day.

matthew_e_bradby2 Good morning. ..a better educational system that pushes toward learning at an individual bases not just to past standardized tests, parenting classes a AND last but not least FAITH…its et standards.



Things People In Baltimore Are Wishing For On Wishful Wednesday

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