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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are you’re thoughts on The #RHOA Reunion Show? Should Porsha apologize? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #Monday

Nicole Johnson I think she has to bcz its the right thing to do but I’m glad tht azzzzz got tagged have mouth better be able to back it up

Hassan Tucker No

Dee Walker I think Kenya started all of it w her prompts and being ignorant. Kenya also likes to start stuff and hide behind the fact that if you hit me u shouldn’t be on the show. Andy could hv nipped that in the bud early instead he let Kenya continue. Porsha did no more than anyone would hv..I thank her for popping Kenya but be the bigger woman and apologize to keep your cash flowing.

Patricia Ma Ma Johnson Nope! Kenya deserved more then a drag on the floor and Bravo should not have let her taunt Porsha like she did.

Chereese Barrett I SAID HELLLLL NAWWW! In my Sophia voice. For what? Kenya was agitating her with the bullhorn.

pompousninja ‏@pompousninja @DreJohnson1 I wouldn’t know I don’t watch that scripted garbage brah

Lady Taurus ‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 Indeed not she shouldn’t apologize. She should whip her azz some more!!!! Kenya provoked her so she got exactly what was due!

Rebecca Phillips ‏@LadyVicious3 @DreJohnson1 @92QJamsBmore @jamesthegreat1 Its all drama and ratchetness.

Artise ‏@Artise1 Kenya Moore African Prince: #RHOA Porsha should off knocked her upside the head with that megaphone.

sassydanni Nope, not at all kenya had it coming

hotsauze128 Porsha should apologize because she WAS forced to come out of her character, HOWEVER , Kenya HAD it coming to her at least from one of them !!

missjae1908 Not at all. Kenya asked to be molly-wopped! There’s only so much someone is going to take when provoked.

crys0225 As adults it’s always wrong to put your hands on another person but as adults we can’t expect to keep pushing people’s buttons & there not be any consequences. Kenya was campaigning for a butt whooping & got elected & I don’t feel sorry for her.

msbhaven76 Nope. I hope some one else mops the floor with Kenya’s ass!

almost_perfecti0n There is no excuse to ever put ya hands on another person. At the end of the day @porsha4real was wrong. But she looked good as shat doin it lol @drejohnson1 😍 gm

matthew_e_bradby2 As an adult the only thing to apologize for is when we lose control and surrender our substance to a lessor being! I have learned to never allow another to usurp power over me and not to let my emotions dictate my actions. I am better than a beat down. And stronger than a loser.

dashawnsimone Porsha shouldn’t be fired. She shouldn’t apologize. Andy shouldn’t have let that child Kenya act like a clown with props viciously pointed at that woman.

ms_meeka06 No porcha shouldn’t apologize enough is a enough, a good example when bullying goes wrong it back fired on kenya, Kenya was the aggressor & got what she deserves.

tla125 Nope!!!! That childish Kenya had it coming👊👊

keiths_wife1104 Heck no Porscha should not apologize….it goes to show u that when u constantly pick on people , u need to be prepared for the consequences….she was always going at Porsha as like any sane women, u get sick of it and go off!!! I don’t condone violence….but Kenya, u clearly asked for that sweetie!! Morning crew 😘😘

thebrandonmurray I say all of em should appear on Monday Night Raw and have a battle royal to see who’s the top diva of #RHOA LOL @drejohnson1

ktjd_2011 Why did she get mad? She called her a a whore from the 90s and Kenya called her a stupid whore…what’s the difference? And the props really?! No excuse to start attacking someone only the truth hurts people…ijs I have plenty of times wanted to put my hands around one of my coworkers neck and squeeze real slow but as a grown woman I will never give them the joy to bring me out of my character…my words are more deadly!

bchennelle GM, I dont think Porsha should apologize. Kenya picks with people who she thinks should can be beat physically and mentally. Porsha was feld up with Kenya’s crap. I dont condone to violence but enough is enough of Kenya Moore. I am Team Porsha.

virgo_butterfli Porsha should not apologize. You can only push somebody so far into a corner before they come out swinging. Don’t instigate and antagonize if you don’t want to accept her reaction. She got what she deserved. That lil drag across the floor was nothing compared to what she really should have gotten

dooksmomkim Not at all! It’s threatening to taunt someone by putting things in their face to the point where you are almost tapping them on their head! She was defending herself!!!


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