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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Johns Hopkins Hospital employees continue to strike over wages. What are your thoughts? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #thursday

Keisha Henson It’s honestly a disgrace that these major companies continue to mistreat its loyal employees. That is a major Corporation, buying up billions of dollars worth of property, yet they can’t increase thee wages to make it livable. Sad stuff!!! I say strike until they get it right!!!

Elliott Simon Fight for what you are deserved.

TheSlew RocksonAdventure Unfortunately I feel like the strike will be all in vain.I just don’t see Hopkins satisfying the service workers needs.

Ashleigh Thomas I understand why people strike in their jobs however I need my money wether it’s enough or not. I got kids. Y’all go head and strike and ima get this over time since y’all ain’t working lol

Dina Tillman Brown I feel humans innate response is to fight for what they feel are injustices! I am for better wages but after the storm take advantage of the ability of paid tuition! Payback is using your resources to better you at the expense of your employer!

Yoncé ‏@king_phoenix410 @DreJohnson1 I saw they continue to strike until thud get what they want. Power to the people!

Rebecca Phillips ‏@LadyVicious3 @DreJohnson1 @jamesthegreat1 @92QJamsBmore I think its good. They need to do it. They. Eed their money too

Harold Jenkins ‏@HAJ3RD GM @DreJohnson1 I think it’s crazy, but for us as a ppl to just take that for so long is crazy, I no we need jobs, but that’s dam. #15years

Helen Washington ‏@LynnWashington Good morning honey bun @DreJohnson1 – it’s unfortunate that Hopkins doesn’t respect it’s employees enough!! #Strike

Nine 7 Entertainment ‏@NINE7ENT @DreJohnson1 15 years. …. $7 a hour? The company is wrong, BUT more importantly…. It’s something wrong with YOU!!

Luv Me ‏@LuvGonnaGetYa @DreJohnson1 Comcast employees need to do the same thing. These large companies make so much money but don’t share the wealth with employees.

mz_naturality Hopkins should be ashamed of themselves….as much money as they bring in SMH!

simply_terra Just give them the damn money, who are they hurting? This is a billion dollar company, yet we get paid the least, something ain’t right about that. They don’t appreciate the employees. Someone brought to my attention yesterday that for the 4 years that they been an employee there, they only got at 50 cent raise throughout the 4 years being there. To me that’s a shame, it’ll take 20 years just to make 20 dollars an hour. Smh I think they should really reevaluate the situations, becuz in all honesty who can really make an honest living off their salary.

danij79 Thats right ppl !!! Show Hopkins yall mean business !!!

itsonly1jelly Absolutely! @mz_naturality

itsonly1jelly I guess they can’t do but so much though since they have a huge lawsuit already in settlement for Dr.Levy patients.

crys0225 $15 a hour isn’t going to make anybody rich! #paythosepeople

luvlylibra1017 Its a shame it really is but lets face it…its not only johns Hopkins that’s not paying their employees a decent hourly wage… @drejohnson1 step out there and ask our people about their companies and their wages

pebblesthetruth@drejohnson1 I TOTALLY SUPPORT THE strike because if we fall for anything, we’ll never stand for nothing! Johns Hopkins charge so much for health care as well as emergency care that it’s ridiculous! The lowest paid workers need to survive too. The sad reality is that people have been accepting low party just to day that they work at Hopkins for the longest time!! EQUALITY FOR ALL!!!!

lexus5013 They need to pay their employees and Stop Playing

sinsational_cakes_shiaGm @drejohnson1 If Johns Hopkins can build all those new building’s and occupy the majority of the East side, why not give a raise??? They have more than enough money to do so… The prices has gone up on a lot of things so why not give them at least a cost of living increase 1991and4eva U have to be worth that amount. Can’t give it to all everybody have different skillsets and some more educated than others so it wouldn’t be fair!!!!!

jbb427  Half those protestors don’t even work for johns Hopkins.. that’s some typical union BS



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