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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Name 3 things you love about Baltimore aka B’More? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #FRIDAY


missjae1908 Diversity, the culture, and it’s below the Mason Dixon Line! I’m definitely trying to move there sometime this year! :-)

tru3_ston3r@drejohnson1 gm bro its plenty of things about my city i love but just to name 3 i would say our party life, crabs & chicken boxes lol dont judge ne its early bro brain aint clicking on all

cylinders yet you kno im part of #teamNOdaysOFF

eman3275 This is the only city that I know of you can catch hack will need some time lol

mickmickisback I love corner stores, half&halfs & our seafood @drejohnson1 #early

jpjp1983 the ravens. crabs. an that i was rasied hear. #early

mrs_and_mr_johnson_ Lexingtion Market, The Baltimore Ravens, and Baltimore Bike life. Lol #Ijs they my 3

mrvisionary_2 The ravens and the bike life and the 92q radio station bmore

luvinmybois04 I love my ravens ,chicken box and seafood ####i no u said 3 but ###ILOVEMESOME92Q###

corey1ravens52@drejohnson1 sports history of town. Ravens n them o’s hon

kiss3s2u Off course my TEAM THE RAVENS, seafood, harbor life and the food

p89dee No place like home 3x

girl_onfire1 All the black businesses ,92q, and my Baltimore Ravens

murkskyhigh Ravens, seafood, and bike life

mustbejelly@drejohnson1 THE RAVENS, Maryland Crabs, my alma mater Western High School (which is celebrating Unity Day today)

fucc_u24 Ravens ravens. ….oh yea the Ravens

eharrison410 My city, seafood, Ravens in that order

riff_4life I love that the Executive and General assembly are both democratically lead. I that Baltimore/Maryland doesn’t justify vigilante justice such as the self-defense laws like other southern states. What I love the most is how Baltimore has invested in youth work programs to get our kids off these streets!!

mslucky777 Ravens crabs & Edmondson village

ericasmith74 Ravens , Ravens, and drejohnson @drejohnson1

satianashae Crabs, crabs & 92q!!! Whoop whoop #lol

mombowings  Of course Dre johnson jay claxton representing Northwood lounge every Friday night. Oh yeah they turn it all the way up

langleygirl3The harbor

Karletta Drake Gm Dre #1 My Family here, #2 I luv my job, #3 My hand full of friends ( 92Q is in that handful )

Toiya Tko Best My Family, my job is ok…lol, My great friends and my 92 Q Family. Yes I named 4…lol

Kim Alwaysonmybest Randall  baltimore baltimore , and baltimore

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Heeeyyy Dre!! 1. My family 2. My home 3. My job

Paulette Dawson Hey Dre Johnson!!! 1. Lexington market 2. Black wax museum 3.half and half Lmbo. Have a great day Dre Johnson

Vernon Branch There is no city like charm city they say u move out but u be back

Yvonne Artis Crabs, the variety of things to do, and 92q radio station !

Tonya Smith  Gm Dre!! Well the Ravens of course.The Historical landmarks and our unique style/swagg.

Renee TakingCharge Davis  Family, jod and crabs

Ki Ki Brown‏@kikibrown92Q @DreJohnson1 culture, food and 92Q

coach Mike ‏@4437504339·@DreJohnson1 name 3 things sum of the people the club’s and the harbor and sports teams down her

coach Mike ‏@4437504339·2 @DreJohnson1 the Baltimore ravens and seeing the woman and the 92q radio station bmore for life turn up james going in yo

William Lewis‏@Will_I_Am1906 @DreJohnson1 Ravens, Jimmy’s seafood. and the friends and family I’ve come across. #BMoreRaised

Rebecca Phillips‏@ladybooker3 @jamesthegreat1 @DreJohnson1 lexington market fells point inner harbor

Red Butterfly‏@TaheeraAbdullah @DreJohnson1 the night life, the people…I just love my city..

Dynamic511‏@dynamic511 @DreJohnson1 the people, the Orioles and crabs. And a bonus, Dre Johnson and 92Q.

ButterflyBeautyJ‏@JPEOPS  GoodFridayMorning! @DreJohnson1 @jamesthegreat1 What I bout my hometown #SteamedCrabs #Snowballs & #ChickenBoxesW/Half&Half Lol!

Ashleigh baybe ‏@HateMe_biish @DreJohnson1 the ravens the crab cakes and hmmm yeah that’s it.

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Bmore is a melting pot, a gr8t gumbo full of flavor/spice*Lot of talented, hardworking ppl in this city*That’s what we’re about