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Dre’s #breakfastbite… Baltimore County Schools approve a $205 million dollar contract to give every student a lap top. Do you agree or disagree? What are your thoughts? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #Wednesday


Paulette Dawson I believe that this will open a can of worms. How will they regulate what the laptops are being used for, homework or Social media. Tough call

Elliott Simon Great idea but it will never happen in Baltimore City as long as lipgloss and friends have their hands in it.

Tykaiya Mylife Banks Yes i agree they have to change with time everything is about to be online so y not all they have to do is block the software that let you get on social media my kids have computers at their school but they can’t get on the social networks

Tania So Real McCray It’s funny how different school districts can “Find” this money for laptops and it couldn’t be found when they needed reading materials, general supplies, raises for teachers. IJS!

Kevin Griffin These kids need books to read!

Kenny Wilkes ‏@BigKennyWilkes @DreJohnson1 great idea let’s get our kids in the 21st century with technology and learning tools #breakfastbite

Red Butterfly ‏@TaheeraAbdullah @DreJohnson1 I think its great. Investing in our children future.

Dynamic511 ‏@dynamic511 @DreJohnson1 it’s a good thing if they are used right. I am sure a lot of them won’t make it to the students.

Ms. Jones ‏@Mojenation @DreJohnson1 the common core assessment PARCC is going to be given on the computer. So Baltimore Co I on the right track.

Helen Washington ‏@LynnWashington @DreJohnson1 Great idea! Keeping up with technology and incorporating that into lessons is a FABULOUS idea!! Good morning honey bun!!

BROTHER 2 da NIGHT ‏@DreJohnson1 FFFFFFFFFF them laptops… Sounds like MORE FACEBOOK, WSHH, and web surfing to me… Don’t be fooled by the “GOOD DEED”!

larri alston ‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Combined with the 6 months free internet companies r offering 4 kids in the lunch program, success is imminent:)Have a gr8t day

dani_x_3 I think it’s a great idea. All kids need the technology but may not b able to afford it.

grandman1126 More Wasted MONEY!!!!!

jpjp1983 i think its a good idea. only for some students that really going to use them.

jus_being_ashI love the idea!!

mackmanforever Hell yeah! That’s awesome! Baltimore needs to evolve! @drejohnson1

johnston_strongIt’s an awesome idea. Students that are out sick now have a resource to receive class work and not fall behind.

itzmezu1u Good ideal

kryss_10 Great idea! It will come in especially handy on years like this where the school year has to be extended because of the weather.

urbaninformer I think it’s a great idea, I just pray for there safety

londynn_bridge It’s a great idea but how about stop closing schools!

missjae1908 This is an awesome idea! And anyone that has concerns about the children using the laptop for things other than homework, that’s what internet control software is for. Technology is important.

twixx428 Wonderful Baltimore is behind we need our kids to date with the 21st century schools if schools are closed then every 1 still can do there classwork from home but im cracking up lipgloss & friends

the_resume_king I think it’s the best thing the county has done in a while. Whether the kids use it for social networks or whatever. The computer experience will still help to benefit the kids in the long run. Great news. Think goodness my kids live in the county.

jessicamariemua I love the idea!!!!

bougiebrawd This approval is awesome and necessary! As a MD educator i understand the need for 1 to 1 computers for every student, in the state, with the standardized ONLINE testing that will be implemented next school year. Students need to learn how to maneuver the test thru classroom instruction and at home practice. @drejohnson1

bishopmeb2 I GOOD morning….I totally agree. Technology is key for our children’s future and they need to have the right tools f I r success.

piecesofme_ I agree but what about our city schools that are just drowning .

lastofadieingbreed69 I agree with allowing the children laptops because they need them. They can attend school even when its closed.