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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Out of all the dreams you’ve had, which is the most unforgettable? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #TUESDAY


jpjp1983 being chased by zombies . lls

bratty_baker Purchasing a home. May seem small to some but coming from my past, its huge!

tru3_ston3r@drejohnson1 i was swimming in a pool full of money bro lol gm

shonta_bird Running down the street with no clothes on. Million dollar bet

bishopmeb2@drejohnson1 #breakfastbite The dream that was unforgettable to me was one where I hit the lottery for 500 million and was in the Bahamas acting a fool

asian_eyes_keylolo I was being chased by Freddie Kruger…he caught me and snatched my head off… A nightmare on Elm street…but in East Baltimore

thebrandonmurray God was walking towards a bunch of us outside and everyone scattered but me….

oxygenpernellMe having DJ Kahled, Rick Ross, bird man and T.I. listening to my music and shooting a video for one of my songs #Epic

queen_mochasoulbeauty I have a recurring dream since childhood that I’m Flying … around Cherry Hill , & down Lexington Terrace …There were people trying to jump up & get to me they all looked like zombies they kept trying to yank me back down, I was only a foot above them so I was just beyond their reach … I eventually traveled to some Unfamiliar Exotic place & I landed, there were no Zombies there… #LucidDream … My Unique Subconscious …

glennrogersjr Yall do play garbage on 92q. 92q doesn’t even show love to local artist. Mullyman made it to mtvjams, but he’s not in the normal rotation. They say dat los had one of da best control responses, but yall show no support. I would think dat I was in Atlanta, bc dats all yall play. How can u grow up off of 90s rap and call wat 92q is playn actually rap? I kno u have no control over wat dey play.

Stuart Goodall The one I’m living right now

Rick Tyler gm brother …….me and Uma Thurman sipping tea in Maine…..then me and Eva Mendez dancing a tango …..then ended me kissing Erykah Badu ….who is my wife and don’t know it ( all this was one dream) lol

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Tasha Cantbeduplicated Rucker Having a dream about my father who at that time just passed telling me when I get my settlement to take care of myself first. RIP daddy

Helen Washington‏@LynnWashington How about the one where I was boo’d up with my honey bun @DreJohnson1 – awww let me behave!! Gm Lol

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Reoccurring dream when I’m sick that an angel brushes my hair*See light, feel warmth, hear soft music or could be #NyQuil😉GM💐

Blueheffner4ever‏@Blueheffner_ @DreJohnson1 I kissed the girl of my dreams. Her lips taste like chocolate.

Red Butterfly ‏@TaheeraAbdullah @DreJohnson1 I dreamed how my cuz would Die…3 weeks later she died tge same way. It hurt so bad. .


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