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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What do you plan to do with your tax refund this year? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #thursday #bmore

Tyronda Smith Well mines gone but I caught up on bills and put some up for a rainy day amd in my children’s bank account

Tanisha Perry GM, Mine’s Already GONE…Mainly, Went Towards Bills!!

Priveledge Rmo I’m gonna grab a key of sugar and flip it in front of food lion then make it rain in Valentino’s.. lastly hit casino live and get drunk (free drinks) lls

Amber Lipglosbpopinonheadha Crowell Gone to bills … it was a done deal …

Jermaine Townes GIVE IT BACK 2THA IRS..

Renee TakingCharge Davis Pay bills, bills and more bills. Oh by the way did I say pay bills?

Rashawn‏@Rashawn410· @DreJohnson1 i booked me a trip to vegas i leave on Sunday, turn!!! Up lol

Jessica Marie ‏@JessicaMarieMua @DreJohnson1 Took some and invested in my business and put the rest in savings

William Lewis‏@Will_I_Am1906 @DreJohnson1 putting most of that money towards my mortgage. The rest I’m putting towards my anniversary vacation. #1yr

Free Jackson‏@MsFreeza @DreJohnson1 already got it and put in a CD with the rest of my money so I can buy a house. 2 years and I will own a home, Amen!

chanellenumber5@drejohnson1 nothing it was snatched because of student loans…. Shoulda coulda woulda

missjae1908 I don’t have any kids and I have a decent paying job…so more than likely, I’ll owe! :-(

imperfectlyphoenix Save it, for a vacation later this year.

jpjp1983 save save save

nikkicherie829 Tax Refund? What’s That? Lol

daveth3king Save it because this might be my last year not having to pay

msbhaven76 Well I planned to put it towards a down payment on a house but then my car started acting up. So much for that

sorcezdieniro01 Stack more paper

daveth3king Btw Prillerman Associates are the best and are very well versed on the income tax. They will get you your full refund @drejohnson1 no BS

shonta_bird I was going to buy another car, but bump that I’m putting it in savings, this is going to be the first year in a long time that I haven’t lived above my means. Everybody needs a kitty.

mytime2shine85 Just got my car but saving the rest for the summer for me and my son.

jamimi1105 I always owe! #welcometoMD #legalrobbery

sassywit3 Pay my kids summer camp, bills and save the rest.

bro_prophetic1 Take care da fam & Ball on a Budget

unperfect_gentleman Mines gone put it towards my car payments to get a few months ahead

doeboyr7 I seem to owe every year but if I got something back probably a nice vacation! What up fool?!?!! @drejohnson1

eman3275 Get my kids something is not always about me

1misscnn Bills kids bills kids bills kids me something small bills kids lol

tasha0508 Already got it and spent (bills/my kids/groceries/household stuff)

bratty_baker Work done in the house, vacation, and safe a little.

bishopmeb2 Buy a house and invest in another stream of income to diversify my life. No more all eggs in on basket! Have an awesome day @drejohnson1

krash_coll Bills, kids, invest in more money.


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