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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are your thoughts on the proposed $10.10 minimum wage hike in Maryland? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #thursday


Vernon Branch Everything else is raised up why not wages

Toiya Tko Best It needs to be increased. No one can live off that 7.25 comfortably. Apartments, food, utilities and all other necessities are increasing so why can’t the pay for folks increase too??? I would love to see those that are against the increase try to live off of 7.25!!!! I like the better things in life and like to live in a nice place but you cant do that getting paid 7.25!! Gm Dre!!

Brooklyn Brooks-Harlee I agree wit Toiya…how can u live comfortably off of $7.25 when the cost of living is constantly on the rise?? When it comes 2 takin care of home & family, an individual will get into that “by any means necessary” mode. That mode is wut can get u in trouble. Next thing you know they’re building more prisons 4 those who are just try to survive. #ijs

Jeremiah Warren good morning Dre we don’t need a minimum wage we need a livable wage so that’s a bunch of BS it’s not enough especially with groceries going up every day etc

Vernon Branch As minimum wages goes up so will the price of bread,gas and everything else

Toiya Tko Best They wonder why so many people are on welfare, hell they cant afford the everyday things in life that they need making 7.25!!!

Jeremiah Warren these people really don’t care about us to keep it real

Dae Queen 10.10 is def better then 7.25 but in my opinion 10 bucks is still NOT enough to live in today’s economy. Everything is so expensive these days and I make a ok salary and shit is hard. I need a damn farm… Slaughter my own damn meat and grow my own veggies

Toiya Tko Best ^^^^ I do agree that $10 is still not enough but it sure is a step in a good direction.

Elliott Simon It should be more.

Red Butterfly ‏@TaheeraAbdullah @DreJohnson1 I hope it makes a difference. Its well over due.

Kaos  ‏@DVyne_Kaos @DreJohnson1 nice gesture, but wat people dont understand is once they increase min. wage, the cost of living is goin increase along wit it

Cornelius Harrison ‏@Nibby2 @DreJohnson1 man…it’s about time the discussion has come about….this should have happened long ago!

Bluewulf_MMA ‏@Bluewulf_MMA @DreJohnson1 I’m split down the middle it will give people a better chance to provide but it will cost jobs

J.P. ‏@PhrozenACE1949 @DreJohnson1 higher minimum wage = inflation = higher cost of living for those who are salaried… Why do we want this again?

larri alston ‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Hike about closing social/economic gaps & the opposition to that is job loss*Tactic 2 deter ppl from getting what they deserve

Darius Underwood ‏@SneakerheadHim @DreJohnson1 Its not enough lol

tru3_ston3r@drejohnson1 aye bro we all know a raise was much over due due to the cost of living steady being increased good morning bro

_slickshorty@drejohnson1… It’s long over due!!

mrsturnage People will never be satisfied with minimum wage because with the increase of that comes the increase of everything else.

iseethebeautyinit It’s over due, but really what is $10.10? You still can’t live off of that!

jayhov23 Everything is a start but something’s won’t change unless our habits change. Shout our to my mom Sharon happy birthday!

phyniteent That’s still way too low!

milkeeee88 I mean that’s still not enough. However, if people desire higher pay they need to put in work. Go to school get a cert. get a degree something. The resources are out there to better life and bring in money. Find it and use it.

mrsturnage Some people just aren’t being realistic. Why do you think that you can work at McDonalds and make $15 an hour? So that means the hospital working making $15 should make $20 and the manager making $20 should make $30. Then guess what? Price of living goes up and then $15 isnt enough.

daunshay Good topic and comments @mrsturnage and @milkeeee88 but there are different levels of jobs not everyone is an executive and not everyone works at McDonald’s; some are streets weepers and we need them some are janitors and trash collectors and we need them so the wage structure needs to be adjusted it’s been way too long since the minimum wage has been the same and inflation and cost of living keeps going up. A gallon of milk is now gonna cost nearly $5 which is almost the same as working one hour at $7.25 something has to be done

milkeeee88 That’s true @daunshay

unda6_yoko Yall talking about the cost of loving going up whole time the cost of living has already went up without people’s pay going up. Hell the people making overt minimum wage can barely afford to live comfortable.