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0130 Black Inventors

Did you know that the things we use to get us through our everyday lives were invented by African Americans?

The ironing board you pressed your shirt on was invented by a  black person. What about the cell phone you’re using right now? Yup! It was invented by an African-American inventor!

Check out the list:

Black Inventors and their Inventions List

air conditioning unit          Frederick M. Jones         July 12, 1949

almanac                             Benjamin Banneker       Approx 1791

auto cut-off switch            Granville T. Woods       January 1, 1839

auto fishing devise            G. Cook                         May 30, 1899

automatic gear shift          Richard Spikes            February 28, 1932

baby buggy                        W.H. Richardson         June 18, 1899

bicycle frame                    L.R. Johnson                 October 10, 1899

biscuit cutter                    A.P. Ashbourne             November 30, 1875

blood plasma bag              Charles Drew            Approx. 1945

cellular phone                Henry T. Sampson        July 6, 1971

chamber commode               T. Elkins               January 3, 1897

clothes dryer                 G. T. Sampson           June 6, 1862

curtain rod                   S. R. Scratton          November 30, 1889


It’s time to add your invention to this list! Get to work!

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