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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Did you watch The Grammys or RHOA last night? What are your thoughts on both? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #monday #tv

Sharyn Hopkins Neither. I watched the pro bowl, but I did see beyonce perform and I thought it was cool.

Vonnie Fatz Long Didn’t need to, my FB news feed gave told the whole show.

Nicole Johnson Recorded the grammys i knew I would fall asleep watched rho nee nee set this up real sweet#shitstarter

Tanisha Perry Kendrick Lamar Was ROBBED!!

Brittney Dene’ RHOA

Ricky James™‏@dickyjames @DreJohnson1 I was rocking with Kendrick and the Imagine Dragons last night. Performance was craaaaazy. GM yo

will gunn‏@gunn410 @DreJohnson1 Hov and Kendrick killed the Grammy but probowl was better go team rice @

Lady Taurus‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 nope didn’t watch either, I was watching The Royal Rumble!!!! Go #TeamBatista!!! LOL Gm!

Yoncé‏@king_phoenix410 @DreJohnson1 I watched the opening of the Grammys then watched the Royal Rumble

Brit‏@BettertobeB @DreJohnson1 #breakfastbite I never watch award shows. If something noteworthy happens I’ll see clips on Twitter the next morning.

CandieJ‏@lollipop21jack @DreJohnson1 loved Beyonce dress stunning then fell asleep woke up saw the marriage interesting then went back to sleep did not hold my int

ritabita404 That Kendrick performance was fire!🔥🔥🔥🔥🙈🙉🙉

the_zulu_digital Grammys where week atfer the Beyonce jayz and kendrick lamar performance #breakfastbite @drejohnson1

tru3_ston3r Neither bro i was watching ride along but as i heard alot of artist was robbed anyway gm @drejohnson1

miss_timmie Neither I was busy thank God for DVR watching both tonight!

beautifuleyes41 Ne Ne should stop causing freaking trouble because,I can’t wait for her and Greg to start having problems and it comes out she sniffin lines b4 taping

singlelyfe2147 I think Nene trying to keep that RHOA check coming in

whthershey209 I was too busy watching the pro bowl

nicole40_lovinlife the opening performance with beyonce and jayz was on fire so amazinging

irock20pearlz I watched both! Apollo & Peter dug into Kenya’s gay boyfriend. Meanwhile Bey & J, Kendrick Lamar, and Macklamore were my highlights of the Grammys.

coreyharold They pro Bowl was on I can catch house wife’s on repeat. ..The Grammys ain’t been the same sense Mike pass away. .

tru3_ston3r lol aye bro its pronounced true_stoner i just replaced the e’s with 3’s lol @drejohnson1

djdeelamont Can we fire Stevie’s hairstylist? I know he can’t see but he can feel

b3aut3 I did but it was so boring I fell asleep @drejohnson1

unique_hair@drejohnson1 a lil of both! Bey & Jay where amazin & Pink was everything & the Chile has Cakes😳🎂🙈. ROHA was messy, NeNe took bein made too far, she was real messy & mean to Kenya for what? It was over the Top

bchennelle GM, Nene’s questions was so shady. Her behavior was like a very immature kid. The Grammys could have been better! It was disappointing, I believe some artist was robbed. That’s just my opinions.

djbunk1058@drejohnson1 watched both and missed Beyoncé and Hova, but RHOA was great, that fight was crazy

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