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Today, I posed the question “would you rather be showered by gifts or compliments?”

Here are your responses:

Urban Informer By a check

JazRae Unique Those are two different love languages some ppl need words others need gifts…..I myself like both lol

Howard J Fleming Compliments…….love the inside job that last for a lifetime, gifts get lost, misplaced, or TAKEN BACK!!!!!! I LIKE FOREVER THAN TEMPORARY

Terry Cornish Gifts that compliment my style! Lol…i figure if u get me a gift that shows me that u are attentive to me it would speak volumes such as..during a conversation or ur observation u saw that I may like or need something and u go get it. With that I would be grateful because I get a gift and a warm and fuzzy feeling of a compilment. Hey I’m trying to work my magic here

Micki Jackson Compliments because that states I’ve done something well …gifts are nice but I would take a compliment

My response?  A compliment is always NICE. But sometimes can become um….redundant. It’s like “Yes! Thank you!” and again “thank you”. A gift tells me that you took the time to think of me and pick something out, stand in line or make the phone call to order it because you knew I would like it. A card is the same. The words express how you’re feeling at that time. I can always keep the card (then again, I can also tear it up if I get upset at you). It just makes me feel good when I get a gift. I like NICE surprises! That’s all. Thanks everyone for your responses. Not sure what Urban Informer meant, but I’m appreciative anyway


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