In the wake of the legendary Kobe Bryant’s death Nike has decided to pull all Kobe related products from it’s online store. When you log onto the companies website and search Kobe Bryant an option to buy an Los Angeles Lakers gift card instead of Kobe product. So why did Nike make this decision? Well per […]

Summer time means lots of waxing and shaving and getting bikini ready. Part of most women’s, pre beach beauty routine is that always fun fem-scaping. Most ladies do it all year but even more so in the summer, unless you’re really going au naturale or trying bring the 70’s beach bush back. If you’re on […]

#‎10OclockTopic‬: What are your Spring Break plans? ‪#‎YouSayWhat‬ Here’s what you had to say on social media: giannaisallthat Tomorrow I’m Gonna go to the dentist and after gonna see my friend but not really any big plans aka_daddy_daycare Watching kids …. Daddydaycare loves the kids … Prolly teach them about the black panthers and how […]

Here is what you had to say on social media: _dj2fresh WELLLLLLLLL !!!!!! Lol what i will say is from what i seen in todays society romance and mood setting has taken the identity of thirst and being pressed …. Glad im married and can still be romantic without being labeled thirst bucket. Ki’ona Moore ‏ Woman […]

Here is what you had to say on social media: radienceontherise I feel like they do it anyway…so make it legal.. londynn_bridge Yes, if they are putting you in a position to have a weapon and defend this country you should be able to have a drink. I never understood why you can own a gun at […]

Here’s what you had to say on social media: Truebmoreravenfan ‏ very interesting I honestly can’t see being anything but me. I’m truly stumped on this one. dj2fresh I would be Arabian and get that arab money jenee2687 A CEO… No color but status Vanessa Payne I would be African American. Not take advantage of it I would love […]

The Today Show aired a story about an investigation with police officers being involved in accidents (some tragic) resulted from distracted driving. Studies have shown that most police officers are not capable of multi-tasking (texting, using their phones, or dashboard computers) and driving at the same time. As a result, these police officers were involved in […]

There’s a new app for singles called the Invisible Boyfriend (or Invisible Girlfriend). It’s an app that allows you to create a boyfriend/girlfriend through different personal interest questions (hair, height, weight, hobbies, etc.). For the low, low price of $24.99, you’ll receive 100 text messages, voicemail and handwritten notes and a dedicated companion for however […]

Over the weekend, HBO decided to air all five seasons of their hit original series of The Wire and social media was much appreciative. This sparked plenty of conversations about bringing back the award winning drama series. So why not make it a topic of discussion right now?   Do you think The Wire should […]

I remember the episode on Sex In The City when Burger dumped Carrie with a PostIt but hearing that Chris Brown could have possibly broken his on-again/off-again relationship with ride or die Karreuche while on stage performing just blows my mind! I believe it’s just a rumor or nothing that will last too long. Yet […]

  So this happened….Chris Brown was in his feelings apparently and decided to make a statement about his recent and past issues stating “”I should regret some things but I think the lessons learned will shape me into a real man.” I’m sure we can all agree that Chris has been through alot. I pray […]

Let’s be real. Sex on the first date goes down, and often. So is it really as bad as people make it out to be?…