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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What’s your plans for the weekend? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #FRIDAY

Britt Nicole Baking all weekend ..I got a lot of orders and a lil partying and football

Terrence Movingonanddoingme Boone Gonna enjoy the whole weekend with the fam even though my bday isn’t until Monday technically

Keith Barney Nothing specific… relax a little … party just a bit … watch my Ravens and the NFL….. and help my sister in law move …. (sounded good to the ‘move’ … hate moving people)

Dae Queen Tackling this Natural head of mine…prepacking for the roadtrip back home #BMC #95N #Thanksgiving

Tashia Smith Good morning Dre. Have date night tonight… Then fulfill cake orders tomorrow.

Cristal OnAir Work and Work Then Work some more lol

Toiya Best‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 I have to work Saturday morning, but after that it’s girls night out with @spiceyangel122 and @MsDivaNette. Movies and dinner!

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Shopping 4 my #ThanksgivingDinner with all the trimmings🍗😊*Wish u a superb #Friday, #Weekend & #Holiday 2!!!

DaBoyChuckNasty‏@ChucksNastyx10 @DreJohnson1 comedy show tonite, then gettin effed up for the rest #YouHeardMe. Mornin bro.

Ven Thompson ‏@_Freakie_ @DreJohnson1 Chilling with my mother and brovah then watch the Ravens !

Helen Washington‏@LynnWashington @drejohnson1 This weekend is PACKED. My son has a busy social calendar (baseball clinic, wresting practice, etc). Oh, & #CatchingFire movie

boogie_thegr8 Lay Back & Chill Been working hard all week!!! Wht Up Dre Showing mad Love Over Here In Washington state #TGIF


drmeemz2b Pre-thanksgiving shindig with my sorors and writing papers! Happy Friday Dre! 😘 @drejohnson1

bigmarco711@drejohnson1 I can’t wait TIL Sunday cause I need some CHURCH IN MY LIFE

jptrintaylor hiting these malls up #tgif

luvmesomekenny Relaxing because it’s our last free weekend before the winter basketball league start. I might come chill with you at Northwood!! GM @drejohnson1

mrsgrinnage060 1Decorating my house with Christmas goodies!! @drejohnson1

gonepostal Work, Christmas shopping and sex! @drejohnson1

jm_finess Get my car right and watch the game

daveth3king Hustling all weekend

lastofadieingbreed69 Hanging out with the fam all weekend Friday happy hour @ howl at the moon with mom and big brother, saturday ice skating with the kids, saturday night hittin the town for big brothers bday…. long weekend #turnup # turndwn4wat

bella_rose_since1984 Relax.

terrenceteel Chillin with my boo

sinsational_cakes_shia@drejohnson1 Good morning Have date night tonight… Then fulfill cake orders tomorrow.

2b1cutesexi_applez Going to my son regional championship game….CHARM CITY BUCCANEERS UNDEFEATED 9-11 in Philly.


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