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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Do you think The Wire helped or hurt Baltimore’s reputation? #92qjams #baltimore #tuesday #bmore #maryland

I personally think ‘The Wire’ has hurt our reputation as a city even more.  Outsiders think of  B’More as a city full of animals and uses the images of The Wire to put us in a ratchet box. See how Baltimore feels below!

J_da_prophet‏@J_4da_Score @DreJohnson1 #breakfastbite I think the wire is the alternative soap opera for those who don’t like

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Can’t fault Wire’s gory depiction of things actually occurring here cause it’s a rep well-earned but pray we can change it*GM😊

iimaginary✨‏@KeepSayingJazzi @DreJohnson1 My mother loved that show! But I don’t think it helped our reputation because people would look at Baltimore negatively

Nteligent_Dummy‏@Nteligent_Dummy @DreJohnson1 Neither helped or harmed. It would be different if it were First 48! Then it could be very damaging

Luv Me‏@LuvGonnaGetYa @DreJohnson1 I don’t think it hurt or helped Bmore. Just a lil tv time for Bmore. NY consistently has crime shows but it’s still NY.

Mount -N- Dew‏@HrmLssFlirt @DreJohnson1 u already know that answer. Every time someone out-of-state reference the Wire they are scared of us or for us lol

DJDeeLamont‏@DJDeeLamont @DreJohnson1 I can only speak for myself, when I moved to DC, I didn’t go pass Pratt Street because of the Wire

Sharyn Hopkins It bought Baltimore to light. The things that took place on that show happens every where. We just happen to have the retired cop/retired reporter who put it out there. These were things that he saw as a cop on the streets of Baltimore. Some of it may have been a little bit fiction but it was real.

Kenneth Taylor It was very informative…best TV drama show ever

Yvonne Artis No, I don’t think it hurt B-More’s rep. It was True to the Core, and what u see here in everyday life.

Bruce Leroy I think it helped. I was an extra on the wire it brought a lot of film makers to Baltimore

Deidre Bryan Baltimore hurt Baltimore s reputation

Lemon Head how could the Wire / show hurt the reputation of a place? acting is a form of art in which the acting and story line is a reflection of life. So, no because the Wire was a visual of what goes on in Bmore . The reputation of Baltimore comes from the residents of Bmore so blame the residents and not the writers and actors.

Drew Threat STEPHANIE RAWLINGS BLAKE IS HURTING OUR REPUTATION!!!! She’s doing more to hurt the image of Baltimore than a tv show ever could.

Elliott Simon Both and I totally agree with Drew.

long_live_vito Man that’s a though thought there. I think in the long run it actually hurt us some. Tourist, college students, etc; are reluctant to come to Baltimore, even some military personnel traveling through, then to stay away, because of our “reputation”. @drejohnson1

brace_yourself327 That show let world know what was really going on in Baltimore. How can you hurt something that’s already broke!

imperfectlyphoenix At the end of the day people are going to think what they think about our city, you can’t blame a show that really uncovered alloy of truth about this city! It’s unfortunate at the end of the day! But without the show then the people always have the News.

red_d_4ur_closeup Not sure if it “helped” or “hurt”, but I know during the seasons that they shot The Wire here, Baltimore was more on chills than it is now. I guess people had something to be proud of; The fact that a major network set up shop in our city and filmed for years… Bring film back to Baltimore/Maryland!

whthershey209 I think it hurt us a little but at the end of the day it was a lot of truth in it and shows how real shit can get. Lol #good morning dre and James

mz_budafly It is what it is … it was a reality check for the most part. It did both hurt us because now everybody knows what was semi-covered up and helped us because those of us that was in denial see our city for what it is. It Got Real!!!!

mickmickisback @drejohnson1 …I think it hurt bc everywhere I go outside of Baltimore ask me is it really that bad there?

jazziiii_My mother loved that show! But I don’t think it helped our reputation because people would look at Baltimore negatively

lynnwashington Definitely hurt! I’ve never seen an episode but from what I heard…..

litebrite_82 I been watch in the wire since last week……luv that show @drejohnson1

nyshsmith Neither because it hasn’t stop crime and it hasn’t stop people from visiting.

darealsweettee I love that show. I don’t think it hurt or helped Baltimore’s reputation. We are one of the cities with the highest crime rate. I too have been asked if Baltimore is really like that. What people fail to realize is every major city is like what is portrayed in The Wire

bad_meaning_good109@drejohnson1 it clarified what a lot of people already know! Bodymore, Murderland????

stoneyscorpio How does it help Baltimore?? It’s a whack show to me cuz I live here and see it everyday but I guess to outsiders they love it cuz they get to see how ratchet our city is!

410panda Definitely doesn’t help our reputation.. They don’t really show too much of the good side which by the way there’s plenty of!

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