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Listeners had a lot to say about sex being better in your twenties or thirty-five and older……

20 somethings — because they’re not thinking about the mortgage and childcare and “do I have enough life insurance” and their kids college fund….they can just grab a bite to eat then do “it” again

Women over 35are better! Men…meh…they need enhancement help on endurance and stamina…idc how healthy they look…they cant hang

35+ers– I always thought the 20 somethings just screwed.   I got better as I got older.  I started to really figure it out.

I’m in between that age but if you ask me the older the better lol and exciting

I’m 40 and TRUST ME, I have perfected my craft! Y’all 20 somethings can have all the stamina in the world but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know what you’re doing! The twenty plus year olds are just starting to have sex……they don’t really have a clue yet. They don’t even have their own finishing move or dismount maneuver