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I don’t even know how to begin this conversation! Who…I mean…how…or…why? Ok, just read here…smh….

Courtesy of Bossip:

While not much was accomplished aside from Dr. Phil professing his admiration for DMX’s talent and just barely addressing the obvious elephant in the room, X did manage to make a startling revelation: he has another child on the way.

How many kids do you have?

[I have] 11 [children]. And one on the way.

Why are you having so many children?

I’m not having the children. I’m giving them the children. They’re well taken care of. I’m a big influence in all of their lives. I love all of my children. I do see them and speak to them when I can. I do have a relationship with my children. I would never be apart [from] my children’s lives.

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