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While Beyonce was getting her face beat in Coney Island during a break from filming her latest video, no one noticed there was a woman (who was afraid of heights) was screaming her head off asking people to get her down! When she finally got out, with tears in her eyes, 47 year old Dorris Hone, said she expects an apology from Mrs. Carter. Does she deserve one? Or is it because it’s Beyonce? You think she’ll get one?

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Beyoncé had been at Coney Island for the shoot for hours and was captured on camera riding several of the famous attractions, including the Cyclone roller coaster. But when she got to the Wonder Wheel, the ordeal began for the Manhattan woman.

The ride operators at the New York amusement park apparently forgot about Hone and her friend, unloading about six to 10 other riders from the cars and then stopping when Beyoncé and entourage arrived. When the big wheel finally stopped, Hone hurried off the ride. That’s when the flustered woman found out the pop star was in the house.

“Ironically, my son is a big fan of Beyoncé,” the single mother said. “I’m just really shaken up. It would be nice to get an apology from her.”




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