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TODAY’s OFFICE TALK: Man says why give up his seat (on the bus) for a woman who isn’t pregnant, elderly or handicapped? Says he works just as hard! Do you agree?



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@InMylesWeTrust24m its his decision, on 1 hand its the gentleman thing to do but on the other hand a female shouldn’t feel entitled to his seat.

 ‏@_Philanthropist36m can’t get mad at him, that’s his opinion. Chivalry isn’t dead, it depends on the guy. I always offer my seat, open doors etc


Devon J Brown It has nothing to do with working hard though, it’s respecting the fact that she is a lady. I guess that mentality has left modern day society.
Cybil Love Taylor Hey!! Women want equal rights.. She has an equal right to stand!  I wouldn’t date him though!! LOL
Tywana Tyler Opening a door, a man offering up his seat for a woman, carrying her bag(s). This is all elementary things that a man should do. Wait until you take her on as a wife and you have to take care of of all of her wants and needs for the rest of her life. Smh… What’s funny is… So many times a woman doesn’t have to be asked to do for a man. It’s in her and she just does it. That’s how women are built….
David Riley equality IS equality, is it not? But some women do get on that “sometimey traditionalist” trip, where two seconds after telling how how they handled everything at work like a champ, but expect a guy down the street to shovel snow off their walk because ‘he’s a man’.”
You say what???

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