If you are wondering what happened….How was George Zimmerman, a wanna-be cop, acquitted after stalking and shooting an unarmed black teenager to death?

As the NAACP and other civil rights groups are pressing the Dept. Of Justice to open a federal case against Zimmerman many journalists and experts are examining what went wrong.  Like Corey Dade of

Read what he writes “was ignored or overlooked” in the case.

* The state did not aggressively challenge Zimmerman’s account that Trayvon repeatedly bashed his head against the concrete. State experts were effective in showing that Zimmerman’s head lacerations were minor and not life-threatening. And no witness testified to having seen Trayvon slam Zimmerman’s head. Yet the prosecution steered clear.

* The state did not focus early, with evidence and testimony, on what is called the “physical impossibility” of how Zimmerman said he pulled his gun. His self-defense argument was based on his claim that Trayvon reached, and perhaps grabbed, the gun, forcing him to draw it and fire. In a re-enactment video for police, Zimmerman demonstrated his gun as holstered toward his rear, tucked inside his pants and covered by his jacket. Not until its closing argument did the prosecution suggest that if Zimmerman was pinned on his back, the gun would have been beneath his body and hidden from Trayvon’s view and reach. The prosecution, in its rebuttal to the defense’s closing, said it would have been impossible for Zimmerman to reach behind himself and draw the gun. But, by then, it was a passing reference.

* The state did not question why Trayvon’s body was found in the grass several feet from the sidewalk’s edge where Trayvon allegedly was straddling Zimmerman as he was shot.

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What do you think?  Was the prosecution at fault?

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