Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Fill in the BLANK Friday! I can’t stand when people _____? #92q #baltimore #friday #bmore #maryland

Karletta Drake LIE……. GM DRE

Stuart Goodall ignore the fact that the Voting Rights Act was gutted and instead talk about dumb shit

Elliott Simon Stop in their tracks at the mall when your walking behind them.

Latasha White Think you owe them something, when they’ve never done anything for you.

Marcel™‏@king_phoenix410 @DreJohnson1 I can’t stand when my supervisor starts talking. His voice makes my ears bleed

Dimples‏@Dimples61 @DreJohnson1 I can’t stand when someone steals or lies to me

iimnikoa….Continue the senseless violence in the city of baltimore!!!! #cutitout #SERIOUSLY!

kdh_26Don’t keep it 100 wit me.

comedianshortbusLie! @drejohnson1

djtopflight@drejohnson1 I can’t stand when ppl go slow in the fast lane! Good morning!

ismoke_itatt@drejohnson1 ppl that lie about everything under the sun especially ppl that call you to lie to you about something u aint even care about anyway lol keep it 💯 oh and good morning homie lets get this money

blissfulibraSqueeze toothpaste from the middle! Ughhhhh

katrina_incCreep up behind me in my cubicle. Very rude. Like to watch online porn in peace. Lol

tammyp2003Speak to you only when others are watching.

renea1972Leave a sip or juice in the container instead of drinking it all.

brace_yourself327Nosey co-workers but in on your conversation!

jackdaniel711@drejohnson1 one who LIE for no reason4

killakabonlineGM .. Curse out their kids like they are adults

sinsational_cakes_shiaWhen people lie to you in your face

connie_3lovesLie for no reason @drejohnson1

onlygodknows1988Those who stab you in the back even though you tried to help

youngdot24Bring their home life frustrations into work and makes other ppl day bad

affected_by_myloveWhen @drejohnson1 take off. You expect to hear him. All you hear is Alicia Cruz

poeticsoldier957When you see a black woman in the store holding a child and the baby is only dressed in a pamper. “Lazy&Ratchet”

teachinjayWhen people say “hold” instead of”borrow”!

aurora_etmBlow their damn nose in a restaurant while I’m eating,get your nasty ass up and go to the bathroom!


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