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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What’s your take of the Paula Dean situation? Is it being blown out of portion? @drejohnson1 #92q #baltimore #thursday #bmore #maryland

Harold Jenkins‏@HAJ3RD @DreJohnson1 we was her main supporters, she just got a lil out of control, we say things but you no your limits

David DtK Smith‏@daveth3king @DreJohnson1 nobody cares, have you seen her? she is older than my gma. She is from a different age and those old folks ain’t gonna change

Elliott Simon She is a racist. It’s no different. If Denzel Washington called caucasion people a cracker then he would be black balled by Hollywood.

Yvonne Artis I bet she`s regretting it now, she Losing H*lla Endorsements, w/her Ignant A**!! I KNOW SHE`S SAYING OPRAH HELP!!

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Although I do feel sorry for Ms Deen but it’s only because she’s ignant as fu*** still living as a racist…that shit went out with the bump lol. She deserves everything she got coming smdh…

Cornelius Harrison‏@Nibby2 @DreJohnson1 yo it’s whatever! Now maybe some of her expensive pots and pans will go for half price.

brace_yourself327I wouldn’t say all but I feel like most use or have used the “n” word. It just so happened that Paula Dean’s usage of it got out

djbunk1058@drejohnson1 GM dre, I just think, it’s just the media trying to take here down, but just her we all use words we shouldn’t say and use, call my homies & myself the N word, I’ve used racial words when mad, we all use words we shouldn’t say, so don’t come at her she’s only human1

msladiecI agree with @patience_plz with the point that we need to leave it alone. She didn’t say she said it yesterday she said she’s said it in her past. Being that Paula Deen is in her 60s or 70s and she’s a southern bell she was around during segregated times & white white southern person didn’t say the “n” word during those times? So that means we should fire all people who said the “n” in their past?

dbright2012GM dre can you say N word over the air without consequences you world would be SHOOK TOO

djpchris@drejohnson1 no I think its veing handled properly and Al Sharpton didn’t even have to get involved. Paula Dean is a true old school southern lady that doesn’t know any better. Its not JUST the fact she used the “n” word, but her blatant ignorance towards black ppl. Shes made other inappropriate comments prior to this. Using the “n” word with no remorse was the nail in the coffin.

dbright2012NO WE ARE NOT BLOWING OUT OF portion we need to expose people like this I don’t want to spend my money with/on a racist product/ inventor

uniquely_1me@patience_plz I agree…. And in reality the “n” word mesns “ignorant”… Way back before our time black / color folk were referred to as “negroes” … Ppl say it too frequently when in reality u calling a person ignorant and accepting it as a slang!! We as ppl gotta go better… Smh @drejohnson1

daveth3kingSo I bet none of your grandparents have use any racial words huh? I bet you let that slide stop being judgmental.

unstoppable215Hell nawl it’s not being blown out of proportion. She deserves to be fired. If I was to use that word at my job I would be fired. She did it so she has to pay the consequences. Racism is a still a HUGE issue here in the USA you can’t just say whatever you want even though we have a right to. Yeah black people use the word. So what! You know how many things white people can do that we can’t? There is a trial going on right n9w cause apparently they think they can shoot our children without consequence. So hell nawl. She deseves to lose her job and endorsements. Hell I wish I could my money back from her ass to. People always sympathetic to the rich white folk. She desrves no sympathy. Forgiveness. . Yes but not right now.

banana322No an yes I say punch every white person n the mouth that says it I bet u it will stop

dj_brandoniusShe just needs to hush and lay low for a while

carlos_703He who is without sin cast the 1st stone.

luckysbabygirlNo, it shows what she really thinks of black people. I can’t go to work and call my boss a honky or cracker without being fired. I’m tired of hearing people say well black people use the word!! If Paula called them monkeys which is a racial slur also would it be ok since we use the word monkey too?? No, point blank she’s a racist and she deserves to get everything that is happening to her! Walmart has dropped her and many more to come!

italian_girl_30My God, it was 30 years ago, let it go. She is not perfect & neither are the rest of us! We’ve all said things we shouldn’t have but because she’s famous people are making her out to be the most horrible person ever.

poeticsoldier957She said it but look at how many ‘N’ bombs are dropped on Lil Wayne CD but you rockin to his music. If you going to make it a priority to cry about the usage of one race the same rule should apply to all.


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