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This year’s Man Camp not only taught our young men various things about hygiene, community involvement, fashion tips, and basic etiquette. It taught me how to truly engage a young child. The speakers for this year’s mentoring conference were amazing! So many things they touched on in so many ways. One thing I couldn’t help but notice were the children losing interest and gazing off into an atmosphere far, far, far away! It’s natural! I can’t blame anyone for this EXCEPT video games!

Video games are great when it’s a rainy day, but how can you engage your child any other day?

Try these tips and GOOD LUCK:

Ask. One of the first things we should do is ask for the child’s attention, “May I have your attention please,” or “May I have a moment with you.” This shows respect for your child (which builds respect for you) and sets an example for how you want others to get your attention.

Whisper. Our children are often accustomed to loud noises and loud talking. Using a quiet voice (a whisper, hushed tone, etc.) can cause enough intrigue to gain their attention.

Surprise. Something that will make a child jump like a clap of the hands, whistle, or other moderately loud, sharp sound. A surprising sound will break the attention from one thing and focus it on you.

Touch. Make physical contact in order to let your child know that you require their attention. A simple hand on the shoulder, maybe a quick hug.


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