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161133566What advice can you give a friend this relationship is headed downhill if they choose to stay in it?

  1. Think before you speak. Always measure your words carefully, especially if the advice concerns love or money, and most often it will. Weigh the benefits and possible pitfalls of your advice. People will take your words more seriously if it’s obvious you take the time to sincerely analyze their situation.
  2. Listen to your friend. Get as much information from them as possible before offering advice. If people disagree with what you say, ask them why instead of getting defensive. Empathize with their situation, and be sensitive to the sadness or anger they express. Even though logic will solve their problem, be cognizant of the strong emotions connected with their plight.
  3. Speak to your friend in private. They’ll feel more comfortable if you talk to them away from the prying ears and eyes of other people. If this isn’t possible, keep your voice soft but steady and go to a quiet area in the school or workplace.


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