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So you have that friend who you are no longer speaking to. Maybe you guys were friends for a long time or maybe you both just met. Either way, you two should try to make up. It is never good to hold grudges or burn bridges. Unless something outrageous happened, then maybe you shouldn’t try to rekindle things. But if it was something petty just let it go and start over.

1. You should approach your friend while they are alone. There is no point in trying to settle things with a group of other people around who may make the situation worst.

2. You can always try calling, texting, or emailing the person but definitely try to meet up with them in person. Face to face interaction is always better.

3. Approach the situation with an open mind. If you came to argue or fight, just go back home.

4. Have patience with the whole issue. Hear their side and let them talk. Talk about what you did wrong and how to fix things. Never point fingers!

5. Maybe give the person a hug or a hand shake. Even if you can’t fix things, leave with an open mind and a good attitude. At least be cordial to each other in the future.

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