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I have two close friends, who are more like family,  having surgery today.  Being at work helps take my mind off of it but once the show is over, I find myself asking what can I do for them? It’s easy for someone to tell you, “whatever you need, I’m there. Don’t be afraid to ask.” Then its another story when you look around and that person isn’t there.

So, stop asking what you can do and do something!

If they have pets or children, volunteer to help care for them. Take the kids to the park or let them stay over. Take the pets to the groomers or simply stop by and take them for a walk. (Unless they have a cat. Then you can just change the litter box)

Let your friend know the days and times you’ll be available to stop by and help them. Let them know how long you plan on staying and if you’ll bring anything such as food or a movie. If you commit to a day, make sure you show up.

Watch for signs of depression. Depression after getting plastic surgery is common. People are tired and sore and until they heal, they look nothing like they hoped. Be prepared to cheer your friend up with amusing movies, favorite foods, things they can do at home or even gossip.

Cooking a light meal or putting a few dishes in a dishwasher is a great help.

Avoid doing anything medical other than getting the occasional pill. If your friend needs more help than that, have them hire a private nurse. Their plastic surgeon can probably recommend one.




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