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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Do you think the new casino downtown will help or hurt the local economy? @drejohnson1 #92q #baltimore #thursday #maryland #bmore

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Both, Casino will provide jobs/cash flow with patronage but gamblers with problems will need counseling/govt. funded programs*

Erica Michelle‏@Missrealistic @DreJohnson1 Help eventually by puttinthe casino here and not arundel it will b rarely used bc they wil catch to already booming crime rate

Marcel™‏@king_phoenix410 @DreJohnson1 it’s the worst idea the city has had and they continue to come up with more

Catch22 #UrbanRock‏@ImCatch22 @DreJohnson1 its a good look but will change the faces and prices of rental properties around it to push out the potential crimes/problems

Cook-e Brown It’ll help with jobs but take away money needed for public education…or money they could use to feed and house poor/homeless people…there are other ways to spend money besides gambling.

Deidre Bryan Its definitely gonna make the traffic worse.

Charmcity Cee It will help, its always good to bring more Money to the City.

Pat Bush-Johnson I dont think they need a casino in the city. Gonna be too many problems in the long run…

060288teamgeminiI say help… Ppl love to gamble @drejohnson1

ramonelylesHelp ,people need jobs and needs to win money

whthershey209I say help…,bring on the slots And tables!!

djbunk1058@drejohnson1 It’s going to help with the money flow, but think we will see crime go up in the downtown near the casino, meanly Drugs & Hookers lol, the casino my help or make things worst

wrapnrenewIt’s all politically driven! It’s not going to assist in the unemployment gap for Baltimore. There is a huge campaign that is being implemented to train employable Baltimore residents for city wide jobs, but the powers that be are ignoring all of the obvious challenges. So until reality is faced Baltimore and the casino/slots will fail. IJS

whitegirl_libraNo, Only poor want to get rich & spend money on that. This is going to be bad!

ashleybrewton@drejohnson1 I think it will help the City maybe the city won’t have to pay a water bill the traffic is going to be DUMB CRAZY though

yo_ricoIt will help, but not as much as the casino owners say. The casino won’t hire the very capable Baltimore population for upper level jobs. They bring in outsiders. Ever been to Atlantic city? Just 2 blocks away from the strip it’s a dump.

whynotninoCasino’s always bring the cash flow. Legal and illegal. It’s no business like hoe business

laspoxaroumeniHoe business has more money lmfao

rarestgemphoenixHelp Baltimore alot, but at the same time I seen a ad for Gambling addiction the other day.

imfollow1nguIt will definitely not help with my commute…such an asinine location…and I doubt it would do much for the city

nerdybombshelliWhat makes people think they’re in business for this city? Not buying it ….


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