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I got a text today from a “friend” and I put that word in quotes because this person to me is a dear friend. I put it in quotes because she shared with me something that was very interesting. She told me that I haven’t been a “friend” to her.

This woman and I have shared a lot of things together. We are around each other’s children, we’ve been to each other’s homes, we’ve cried and laughed together and we’ve learned about each other together. So I’ll say that it hurt me that she felt that way. It hurt because she hurt and that’s one of the things that make a friendship work. Not the hurt part but the recognizing the hurt and fixing it.

A lot of people throw the word “friend” around like it’s an old pair of shoes; you only use them when you need them then you discard them, or in my case, set them to the side until next time. Honestly, I don’t do that to true friends.  I have people in my life that are in the friend category and the associates category.

This person to me is a FRIEND and I have apologized to her for not being the friend she needed when she needed a friend. So, how can you determine if the people in your life is truly a friend? Maybe this checklist will help you out:

  1. A good friend is someone who wishes you success and ready to be with you in times of joy and hardship (I do that)
  2. Must be trustworthy and ready to retain friendship for life (yup!) 
  3. Listens and laughs at your stupidity but on the other side, he/she corrects your mistakes and direct you a right way (she laughs at me alot but it’s all in good fun…I hope) 
  4. Should not be someone who is pretending to be your close friend when on the other side is your great enemy (Not at all! She’s a true friend) 


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