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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Happy Friday! The Carroll County Board of Commissioners is being sued for opening mtgs with a sectarian prayer to Jesus. Do you agree or disagree with the lawsuit? @drejohnson1 #92q #baltimore #bmore

Menyon MeMe Dixon-Johnson I think that if its against your beliefs then don’t recite. Suing I just don’t think thats right. A lot of schools don’t even say the pledge anymore because of beliefs……. Can you say hbd to me for tomorrow?

Dominic Day Sr. I think it’z cool, if it’z not ur Bleef then don’t participate…suinig iz a bit much cuz if we all start of thingz with prayer & give God hiz glory diz world wouldn’t have all da problems it haz but datz juz me

Dani- Renee‏@danilovinmylocs @DreJohnson1 they are always trying to crucify Jesus again. No one is forcing u to pray. If u don’t want to js don’t but don’t stop others

Matthew E. Bradby II‏@MatthewBradby @DreJohnson1 No I don’t agree with the prayer lawsuit…today Gays are given so much freedom why can’t Christisan get the same love

DJ Bunk‏@IAMDJBUNK @DreJohnson1 GM see u up Northwood and I disagree with that #God1st

poetic_justice85I live out there, its different living, I disagree, its a Godly community

msladiecI totally disagree. If they can put “In God we trust” on money and make you swear on the bible in court then they should be able to start a meeting in prayer. They should be happy that someone wants to pray for them.

ramonelylesNow who telling because people praying? Who ever did needs prayer #knowyourgod @drejohnson1

whthershey209I disagree with it, whoever open the lawsuit going to hell!!! Trying to make money off Jesus smdh

mochahunni@msladiec i totally agree w/you!!! We used to pray in middle school before the day started. I bet if they kept prayer in school kids wouldn’t be how they are now!

taurus079No I dont agree , that’s freedom of speech. That’s just like a lot of schools don’t say the pledge anymore. @drejohnson1 hbd to me tomorrow!

myamibsonyprladyThink Thats the problem…..even in schools.we have taken Jesus out and Made it as if he is not the Person that created Us…..The Goverment Needs Prayer the Hold Our life in there hands


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