After finding out that Chris Kelly of Kris Kross was pronounced dead at the age of 34 the very saddened Hip Hop community took to Twitter to share their condolences…

WTF MAN !!! R.I.P. Chris Kelly !!! AWWWW MANNN !!! My Condolences to the family !!!! WE WORKD IN THE 90’S…VERY TALENTED YALL !!
Damn…RIP Chris Kelly…Thank God for each day…Tomorrow is never promised #jump
“Jump” was the first cassette single I ever bought I use to love hearing and trying to rap like Kris Kross. #RIP Chris Kelly
So sorry to hear that. Sending love to his family. RIP Chris
R.I.P. Chris Kelly #KrissKross
One of my motivations as a kid to even get into the rap game. You will be missed. R.I.P. Chris Kelly
I’m so sad to hear the news of Chris Kelly. What a great loss. RIP Mac Daddy.
jus heard one of the krisskross died they from the atl shawty,, which one was it? Dam man life is short
R.I.P Chris Kelly. This song is now officially dedicated to you. May GOD embrace your soul & lift up your fami
Rest In Peace, Chris Kelly. Kris Kross lives forever. Thank you for the memories. #AtlantasOwn
R.I.P Chris Kelly
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