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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Can the Lakers win the playoffs without Kobe? @drejohnson1 #92q #bmore #baltimore #la #2013

Tuhir Omar Smith CTFU!!!!

DjBunk Dodson Lakers are done, but if the do win, Nash, Howard and Gus, gotta be on there A Game, but they ain’t winning

Cameron Jeffers Spurs going beat Laker ass in 4.

Allen Strong Hell no they won’t make it out first round.

3lindvisionI’m not sure @drejohnson1 that’s a tough one.

ramonelylesYea its the lakers, name there starting 5….point proved

doeboyr7No silly questions after 6. We gonna win first round at least! @drejohnson1 #Lakers

_zulu_teets_Key words RIP Lakers @drejohnson1

mztwiggy72Hell them bum a$$ going home in five….. @drejohnson1

brucemanorz_kuntryNope they cant #GoSpursGo

ravensnation523@drejohnson1 ….you joking right even with kobe they weren’t winning anything

k_d_r_2Definitely they got two other playoff contenders nash and howerd both made playoffs on tgeir own

sinplynetJay is ROCKING!!!! @drejohnson1 Good Morning

mztwiggy72They used Kobe all up broke his body down now they want too win without him hell no they going home in five bums…. gm @drejohnson1

manaknightThey are going to lose. GO BULLS

numero_5Don’t think so they wasnt to great before the playoffs with Kobe but lets see..


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