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President Obama came under fire a few days ago for his comments during a speech where he referred to Kamala Harris as the best-looking attorney general in the country.  Women’s groups and other entities quickly asked him to apologize for referring to an accomplished woman as — attractive.

This led me to the question of the night.  Is it ever okay to compliment a co-worker? Are we too sensitive when it comes to looks?  Here are a few of the things listeners thought online:

  • Way too sensitive, how is it a faux pa to acknowledge something positive that is apparent to everyone?
    America has become a controlling (it’s your personal life, and it affects me in no way, but I want to control it), litigious (I’m going to sue you because I don’t agree with you), selfish society and it’s reflecting so much more easily with the advent if social media (it’s easier for everyone-including the closed-minded to galvanize). He paid her a compliment, you would think he slandered her. – Lillian
  • There’s nothing wrong with that compliment. It’s not like he said she’s a bad b*itch. It seems as though that would have been more accepted than the politically correct compliment he gave her. Was she offended by his words? If she wasn’t offended no one else should have been. – Keshena
  • In this economy I can’t give a hoot who he calls beautiful, ugly or anything else. I say let that man do his job and kill the rest. Ain’t nobody new to how he relates to women from the “sweety” comment to the Dance that had Michelle looking’ sideways at him…. lol….Lets grow up shall we… – Lola
  • We are not being sensitive. That could have made the attorney general uncomfortable and she just not wanted to say anything. I just feel it’s a little disrespectful. So keep your comments to yourself Mr. President. Sometime things are just unspoken. – Tiff
  • That’s not all he said. He first said she’s brilliant, fair and a few other things and then said by fat the best liking. They totally looked by everything he said first. The very first thing out of his mouth about her was brilliant. Too sensitive. Let it ride. Jesus! – Antoinnette