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Kimora Lee Simmons just suffered break-up number two and in a recent article she expressed that she’d love to have a new relationship, but thinks men are intimidated by powerful/ successful women.  I opened this up to my listeners for their opinions.

This show got HOT!!!

Check out these responses from show listeners:

Shucks – broke women have problems; so i know she does!

Women make that an excuse. unless you throw dough in a mans face, why would that bother us? we’re together, lets enjoy our riches together.

I’ve had it happen. I never threw it in his face. He would always bring it up. Well I know I can’t provide what you’re use to. Even after I’ve pleaded that it matters not….he’d say yeah well I’m sure what I buy you or do for you doesn’t matter. Even after giving him total access to my cash… STILL he threw it in my face!!!

No man is intimidated by wealth or success, it is attitude that runs men away. And the modern independent attitude many women have runs men away. It’s convenient to say its intimidation, but men don’t care about that. They leave because of attitude, not dough.

Its not about what wealth the man has, it’s about what he would prefer her NOT to have. Its a male thing and it just may be an unconscious control issue. When ANY woman has her own (even the sweetest most understanding female)…she is less likely to tolerate certain things that a not so privileged or dependent female would.