Every wonder what happens to the cars that are damaged in hurricanes? The New York Post reported that at least 15,000 vehicles damaged by Hurricane Sandy are being sought out by buyers to RESALE (after they repair them).

Roughly 15,000 storm-ravaged vehicles are parked bumper-to-bumper on runways and taxiways at the Calverton Executive Airpark, which years ago was the site of a Grumman aircraft-manufacturing plant.

Insurance Auto Auctions Corp. has agreed to pay the town of Riverhead, which owns the airport, $3,200 per month for every acre taken up by the cars.

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The town estimates it’ll rake in $2.7 million from the deal, which will help keep its property taxes in line, said the town’s supervisor, Sean Walter.

More than 200,000 cars in the New York area are believed to have been damaged by Hurricane Sandy’s floods and rains.

…But the insurance companies that own the cars hope to sell most of them to new owners who could fix them up and put them back on the road. Most of the cars are fairly new, Walter said.

Local environmentalists worry that converting the airport to a massive parking lot threatens the aquifer from which Riverhead draws its drinking water.

Oil and other fluids could leak from the cars and contaminate the nearby land, they say.


How to tell if your car has water damage:

  1. Check for a musty or moldy smell inside of the car. Take your time sniffing for strange odors
  2. Get under the car to check for drainage holes. These holes are made to drain water out of a car that has been submerged (since you can’t flip the car to the side to drain it).
  3. Check for mud in and around the car’s parts. Other than a sandstorm, there aren’t many ways that dirt and mud would be able to get inside of your car’s hood except a flood.
  4. Do a VIN check with CarFax. The VIN number is a 17-digit ID number that is located on the top of the dashboard or inside of the car door. Purchase a CarFax vehicle history report to see if there is a history or water damage or flooding with the car. The vehicle history is not always reliable, but in many cases this information will be reported by a dealership or service station.


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