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Don’t you just hate it when you find yourself having to get ready for a new season ALONE? There are alot of single women out there and for reasons that are your own business, you have to pretty much take care of alot of things by yourself. My brother lives with his wife in Texas and my father is back home in Pittsburgh, so I can’t call on them to help me prepare for the Fall season.

I’m a “just put gas in the car” kinda girl and I know it’s alot more than that to keep my ride going through fall and winter. So, as a single woman, what do I do?


Examine your roof/gutters/downspouts for debris: Your roof is often forgotten about because it is not at eye level to give you a subtle reminder every time you walk past it.  Clear leaves, dirt, and pine needles from gutters and examine downspouts for damage or loose pieces. Find a neighbor that you trust to help “monitor” the situation.

Change the filters in your home: If you have a central  air conditioning system, change the air filter regularly. If you have a  window air conditioning unit, remove from the window or place a  waterproof cover over it to prevent damage. Change filters in stove  vents, clothes dryers and room fans if applicable.  Clean air filters  will keep your family healthier in the fall months. Ask your Home Depot rep how to do this if you’ve never done it before.

Drain your hot water heater: If your live in an area  with hard water extra amounts of sediments could be building up in your  tank.  Now is a perfect time to drain and make sure rust is not  developing in your tank as well. Be careful!!!!

Clean and store seasonal outdoor furniture: Once you have taken your last plunge in the pool this summer, power wash outdoor furniture and cushions. If you have a basement that’s dry, store them there. If you live in an apartment that has a storage space or if you can get a storage unit, do that too! Just work the extra cost in your budget.



Check Your Oil and Fluids – This is always the first to be mentioned on every auto list, but it is almost always the most overlooked. Be sure to double-check your oil, brake, power steering, transmission, wiper, and any other fluids your vehicle uses. If it’s time to replace them, be sure to get it done ASAP. If you can do this by yourself, more power to you. But I would suggest you get this done by a professional. Work that into your budget.

Check the Charge of Your Battery – Cooler months will always wreak havoc on your car’s battery, and drain it faster than anything. This should be done by a professional (unless you just got skills like that).

Check Your Tires – You should always keep your eyes on your tires. They’re the shoes of your vehicle, after all. Be sure to routinely examine their air pressure at least twice a month, and nothing could be more important than the walk-around inspection every time you stop for gas to ensure no foreign objects have punctured the tread or walls of your tires.

Get Some Antifreeze Now – Go ahead and purchase your antifreeze now, if you think you’ll need it. Nothing is worse than pushing off buying some, then heading to the local Auto Zone in December, only to find empty shelves.


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