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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. GM! Name some crazy excuses people give for being late for work? @drejohnson1 #92q #bmore #2013

BabyAl Sollers ·Power went out

Nicole TakingCharge Ziegler ·Had to stop and let a goose and her LIL ones go across the street

Teaira Scott Took the dog out to use the bathroom. It took off running so I had to chase it.


Trina Whoelsebutme Selden The buses kept riding pass me

diddyinthemakinmy alarm clock was set for pm and not am. Lls

ripkevin_22You ran out of gas in your driveway

diddyinthemakinThe line was long as hell for dem new j’s …smh (sad but a true reason smbdy would use lol)

nakaja1310Had 2 wait for locksmith i broke myself key off in the door lol @drejohnson1

k1ngzuluGM! @drejohnson1 just tell them that your fish drowned this morning.

4birds_10stonesSee I would have made it to work on time, but the way my clock is set up…………….. @drejohnson1 lmao

_itzlikecandy_Chick-fil-A has free breakfast sandwiches on Thursday mornings… @drejohnson1

augustbabeeHey Dre..I woke up thought it was Saturday! !

rarestgemphoenixSee righ cuz righ! I was here, but I didn’t see u, so I went back home! U late, not me! #pow

jussme_pIt was a black out in my neighborhood last night so my clock aint go off LOL

atrueleo7I have a flat @drejohnson1

1stbornson@drejohnson1 Had the Bee Gees…lol

luv4fattasticI got my taxes today so I need to be the first in line when the mall opens..lls Good Morning Dre!

mrs_arandolphFamily emergency, had to wait on AAA, It was a bad accident, so u had to detour, or was pulled over and held up by the officer

mr_john5ton@drejohnson1 dog ate my keys


Baltimore Is Facing A $750 Million Structural Deficit