Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Baltimore is facing a $750 million structural deficit over next 10 yrs. Do you think city leaders can fix this financial crisis? @drejohnson1 #92q #baltimore #bmore #2013

Nteligent_Dummy‏@Nteligent_Dummy@DreJohnson1 Folks complain bout issues like this but how many know who their local govt officials r, what they stand 4 & represent

ClassiLady‏@mochahunny84 @DreJohnson1 i don’t understand how the city has run outta money. Where are our city/state taxes going!

Mount -N- Dew‏@HrmLssFlirt @DreJohnson1 only time will tell but at least their trying. We shall see. GM boo

Brian KingLinz Lindsay Nothing will get fixed until the city gets a REAL Mayor!

Just Being Nik NO, NOT AT ALL

chanellenumber5@drejohnson1 well according to our Mayor they have a plan that will work, I’m just going to sit back and see…. I hope they can fix it!

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ravensdfensUmm no lol seriously some ppl are broke on a higher level. .same applies to cities. .eventually u can only be so broke before u crash n burn

410_maineYeah… all politicians take a Pay starts wit them

killakabStop giving the rich (who definitely can afford it) TAX breaks

_kaylaaa_16I don’t know…lol but go ray rice!!!!!!

richbird1Did you know there isn’t even a law that says we must pay taxes ask your tax attorney they only have the power if you give it to them..research things that make no seance people..

k1ngzuluAll I know is that my wife @naturallyarie turns 30 years old today. I LOVE YOU BABY!

richbird1But if we don’t stand together we we’er going to fall for anything every time,, and they know that the people are not going to fight or stick together.

justiffmaireMy bf been trying to convence me to move to Canada… Im starting to consider it lol

daunshayIf they’re the ones that had a part in creating it then I have no faith that they can fix it!




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