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5th Cycle “America’s Next Top Model” winner Lisa D’Amato, 32, suffered serious facial injuries to her face when a freak accident occurred on the set of her movie.

“After wrapping my part in a movie called Cowboys and Indians in Colorado… The sound girl & I did a duo-stunt/ gymnastics move,” Lisa posted on her Facebook page.

 “She accidentally lost her balance and dropped me at speed while she was holding me upside down on my head. Then she fell on top of me. It was a freak accident that happened in 3 seconds. I’m lucky to have my teeth and not break my neck.”

“I then got rushed to the hospital, got X-rays, then got rushed to an on-call plastic surgeon. I split my nose in 3 places, smashed all the cart-ledge in the tip of my nose, and broke the bridge.  I also collected ton of other lacerations on my forehead, lips, chin and above the lip area. Now it’s day 4 and I’m healing like a champ.”

Lisa’s injuries required stitches and plastic surgery but her plastic surgeon expects her to be fully healed within a month.